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cyberprof - Parsing and evaluating instructions in English.

Below are examples of typical homework problems for a Physics course and an Algebra course. The students are expected to enter single instructions and receive feedback for each reasoning step. Here the solution is displayed, but in real homework problems the solution is hidden, and the text book is stored in separate pages.

Example homework problems for guests (no login required):
Evaluating an Expressions, Evaluating Expressions Demo
Solving an Equation, Solving Equations Demo
Computation with units
A proof
An illustration of parsing drawing instructions. (under construction)
A Physics problem (under construction)

Examples from the CMS course "Algebra I":

Algebra Course(CMS students and registered users)
Algebra Course(guests)

Examples from the CMS course "Logic and Scientific Reasoning":

Reasoning Course(CMS students and registered users)
Reasoning Course(guests)